Case studies

'I cannot believe I'm writing this, but Willow is ASLEEP'

'I cannot believe I'm writing this, but Willow is ASLEEP in bed while i am able to enjoy a few hours of me time after 10months of 0 sleep! Willow literally never slept, even from birth. She couldn't self soothe either.
She regularly woke 7-8 times throughout the night, even 30 mins apart from each wake, which would leave both of us exhausted. Alexandra gave us a sleep plan which at first i was unsure doing, but she reassured me with a method which was calm and perfect for us. It took us a few days to get the hang of it, but each day became easier and willow was accepting the napping. I actually now look forward to evenings rather than resenting it. Alexandra i wish i had found you sooner! For anyone that needs sleep, a routine and to get back to feeling like 'them' again, then i would recommend Alexandra in a heartbeat. i Cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us xxx' - Gemma, Enfield

"My Elsie NEVER slept"

‘Alexandra has been so supportive and after just one week Elsie (8 months old) is already sleeping better. My husband and I finally have our evenings back. Thanks so much Alexandra’ - Sarah, London

'I no longer worry about sleep regressions'

‘After speaking to Alexandra, we have put simple sleep practises into action and our 5 month old has sailed through her first sleep regression. I now feel like I have the tools to help her get through every sleep regression. Thank you Alexandra’ - Emily, St Albans

'We have our evenings back'

‘My toddler has always been a bad sleeper. Alexandra has helped us with such simple steps to get us on the right track. Both my husband and I are extremely grateful’ - Alison, Hertfordshire