Frequently Asked Questions


I have been there too, many times and I am here to tell you it can change. You can have a baby and still get sleep, you can have a toddler and still feel human.


As a Baby Sleep Consultant I work with families whose baby or toddler won't sleep, it can be exhausting and can affect parents mental health. I am here to help your family sleep better, so you can enjoy more together.

What does a sleep consultant actually do?

A sleep consultant is able to support parents with their baby or toddler’s sleep patterns. I am able to explain a child’s sleep cycles and suggest approaches that ensure the needs of both you, the parents and your child are met. Basically I am here to help everyone get a bit more sleep.

Can you guarantee my child will sleep through the night?

Like most things with babies, nothing is guaranteed unfortunately. However I am very confident in my methods and will work with you intensely to achieve improvements. My clients usually see improvements between 3-5 days of working with me.

I do not like to leave my baby to cry, does sleep training involve this?

Not at all, I personally disagree with any ‘cry it out’ technique. Babies do cry, this is a given however all my methods are very gentle and I work with you to figure out the best technique for you and your baby.

I do not live in your area, can I still use your services?

Yes absolutely, all the services I provide can be used remotely so I can work with you worldwide. I offer a range of services to fit your time and lifestyle. I offer personalised one-on-one packages via phone or email that we can work through together, regular online coaching to empower you to get through the difficult stages of your routines and soon I will be offering digital packages to work through at your own pace.

Do you stay overnight?

Unfortunately this is not a service I can provide with two little ones myself. I also feel it makes more sense to teach and consultant parents on how to get their babies to sleep themselves.

Can you give medical advice?

No, everything I provide is purely on a consultant basis. If you require medical advice I strongly recommend you speak to your GP.

Do you offer postnatal depression support?

Yes, ALL my packages include a postnatal depression support guide pack. It has proved to be very helpful for both parents when dealing with sleep deprivation.