Why Sleep Is So Important!!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

It's Just Sleep.....Right??

Here is why sleep is so important...

I understand first hand just how important sleep is for both baby and parents. Sleep deprivation can have serious affects on everyone involved. Studies have shown that sleep deprived households have heightened emotions, can suffer from depression or anxiety and can even develop health issues. This is why sleep is so important. Here's a few effects of lack of sleep.....

In Children

*Poor immune system

*Stunted growth - By their first birthday babies should have grown 10 inches and tripled birthweight.

*Weight - UK studies showed that children who has less than 8 hours sleep a night were more likely to be above average weight for their height.

*Sleep loss causes the hormone Ghrelin to increase, Ghrelin signals hunger. Too little sleep also produces higher levels of Leptin, the hormone which suppresses the appetite.

*Poor fine motor skills

*Increased risk of depression, later in life

*Misdiagnosed with ADHD

In Parents

*Increase in digestive disorders

*Increase in cardiovascular problems

*Slower reactions and physical reflexes

*Heightened sensitivity to pain

*Mood swings

*Difficulty controlling emotions


*Inability to think logically

*Increased risk of suffering from depression and anxiety

A few simple changes can help improve all of this and get everyone feeling happy & healthy AND most importantly rested......

Find out more about Sleep by Alexandra

Sleep by Alexandra helps your family sleep better so you can enjoy more time together. Alexandra Collingbourne is a sleep consultant specialising in safe, holistic methods of getting your baby, toddler or young child to sleep in a way that empowers parents to live better, happier and with more energy. Specialist postnatal depression & anxiety support is also available for those who need it.

●  View baby and toddler sleep services from Sleep by Alexandra here.

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