My Top Sleep Tips For School Children

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

School Children

4 years old +

Here are a few tips to help everyone get a better nights sleep...

1. No screen time before bed. Ideally 1/2 hours prior to bedtime.

2. Reduce stress at bedtime. Create a calm environment with quiet and relaxed activities.

3. Make sure they have exercised their body and stimulated their mind during the day.

4. Tackle any bedtime fears. Don't dismiss any 'monsters' help deal with them.

5. Have a consistent and calming bedtime routine. Bath, book, bed.

6. A good well nourished diet. Avoid heavy meals or caffeine before bed.

7. Make the room temperature between 16C to 20C.

8. Do not focus on sleep at bedtime. Encourage your child to calm and relax their body.

9. Set an age appropriate bedtime.

10. Be aware of any sleep disorders they may have. Always seek help if needed.

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