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Frequently asked questions

Exhausted? Tired? Forgotten what sleep feels like?

I have been there, too – many times, in fact – and I am here to tell you it can change. You can have a baby and still get sleep. You can have a toddler and still feel human.
As a Baby Sleep Consultant I work with families whose baby or toddler won't sleep. It can be exhausting and sleep deprivation can even affect parents' mental health. I am here to help your family sleep better, so you can enjoy more together.

  • What does a sleep consultant actually do?
    A sleep consultant is able to support parents with their baby or toddler’s sleep patterns. I am able to explain a child’s sleep cycles and suggest approaches that ensures the needs of both you, the parents, and your child are met. Basically, I am here to help everyone get a bit more sleep, so you can enjoy more of your time together.
  • Can you guarantee my child will sleep through the night?
    Like most things with babies, perfection can't be guaranteed. However, I am very confident in my methods and will work with you intensively to achieve drastic and long-lasting improvements. My clients usually see an improvement between 3-5 days of working with me and, with consistency, can achieve regular and long-lasting sleep.
  • I do not like to leave my baby to cry, does sleep training involve this?"
    Not at all. I personally disagree with any ‘cry it out’ techniques. Babies do cry, this is a given. However, all of my methods are very gentle and take your parenting style into consideration. I am dedicated to working with you, the parents, to figure out the best technique for you and your baby.
  • I do not live in your area, can I still use your services?"
    Yes, absolutely. All of the services I provide can be accessed and used remotely, so I can work with parents worldwide. I offer a range of services to fit your time and lifestyle, including personalised one-on-one packages via phone or email that we can work through together, regular online coaching to empower you to get through the difficult stages of your routines, and digital packages that you can work through at your own pace.
  • Can you give medical advice?
    No, everything I provide is purely on a consultant basis. I am Certified Sleep Consultant and Certified Postnatal Depression Support, and this training provides the basis of my consultancy service. However, if you require medical advice or are worried that there is an underlying medical cause to your child's sleep problems, I strongly recommend you speak to your GP.
  • Do you offer postnatal depression support?
    Yes. As a certified postnatal depression support I strongly believe that sleep deprivation has an enormous impact of parents' mental health. ALL my packages include a free postnatal depression support guide pack, which has proven to be very helpful for parents dealing with sleep deprivation. It also provides resources you can contact for more specialised mental health support.
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