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Covid-19: How to cope with feelings of anxiety in the pandemic

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Not sure how to manage your anxious feelings? You're not alone

I never expected to be writing about a virus pandemic that is affecting everyone and leaving us all with such uncertainty. However here we are. As we all try and work our way through what seems to be a very testing time, I wanted to share some advice on how best to deal with any anxious feelings you may be having. I know I am certainly having a few.

At times like this it's good to remember that even though you may feel alone (especially if you are having to self isolate, there are people out there that want to help you. Whether it's to help you think of ideas to entertain the little ones or if you need something to take your mind off of everything, I have gathered a list of a few things that can help.

Keep Anxiety Away List

Go to bed early. You need to rest, with all the news updates and scaremongering you will come across it's important to get some rest.

Eat well. Low blood sugar levels can really affect mood changes and anxiety so try and keep a well balanced diet. Avoid too much sugar and alcohol as they can make your anxiety worse.

Accept help. If a family member wants to drop off a care package or just an essential shop then let them. This is not the time to be proud.

Treat yourself. Simple things like retail therapy or if money is a worry, make a 'buy later' list so you have something to look forward to.

Exercise. A simple thing like taking a walk can help clear anxiety or stress. It releases endorphins which help improve your mood. If you are self isolating, there are lots of online exercise videos to watch. The Body Coach, RWL, Bounce.

Have realistic expectations. Try not to put pressure on yourself, you can only do so much during these testing times.

Keep a diary. Writing down all your fears and worries can really help release any inner rage or sadness, it really helps to clear the mind.

Focus on the positive. Be kind to yourself and do not overcommit. Family and friends will understand, especially at the moment.

Keep The Kids Entertained

Set a daily schedule. I have personally found that creating a daily plan for my boys has really helped my anxiety.

Keep up their education. As we do not know when the schools will reopen, it is important to try and keep on top of their learning. Don't put pressure on yourself to suddenly turn into a teacher but simple daily activities that are educational will keep them stimulated. You should have received a learning pack from their school or check out Twinkl for educational help.

Think outside the box. Blowing up balloons, playing with bubbles, dancing to baby shark. There are tons of activities online to keep them entertained and maybe even give you 5 minutes peace. Check out the Family Lockdown FB group for lots of tips. Also here's a list of zoos and aquariums that are doing live streams of the animals.

Get outside. If you are able to go for walk or even if its just in the garden, daily exercise for your little ones is so important. It really aids sleep too. The Body Coach is doing a daily PE live stream for children too.

It is always important to try and talk to someone, even while you are trying out any of these self help strategies. If it all feels a bit too much then I really encourage you to speak to your GP, health visitor or one of the amazing organisations listed below -


020 8519 2122

Anxiety UK

03444 775 774

Sending you all lots of positivity xxx

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