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Halloween horrors? Here’s how to soothe your children back to sleep after nightmares

Bedtime fears (the dark, monsters under the bed and sleeping alone) are all common in children, when the child’s imagination is very active.

Even familiar things that have never been scary before, like a darkened bedroom, may suddenly seem frightening against the backdrop of what the child’s imagination has been conjuring up all day.

It might be impossible to completely resolve a young child’s fears however there are ways to reduce them. Establish a peaceful evening routine that includes a warm bath, a gentle story and a few minutes of the parent sitting quietly by the child’s bed while they settle, can help avoid the fear to build up.

Avoiding screen time at least 1 hour before bed and avoid talking about any worries before they go to sleep. Playing a calm activity in their room such as a puzzle or simply colouring can really help their mind settle.

For any help with night terrors, read my blog post here.

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