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How to help yourself and your children manage with feelings of anxiety surrounding world events

Not sure how to manage yours or your child's anxious feelings? You're not alone!

With the recent events happening in Europe, I personally find it hard to manage all the emotions I feel in a single day. Imagine how it feels for our children....they can sense when we are worried and they feel it to.

When we are finally meant to be rejoicing in the hope that Covid restrictions are behind us, we end up now worrying about a potential war on the world on top of our growing energy bills. It is a scary world atm and it is so important to make sure you and your children take as much time out as possible.

Keep Anxiety Away List Go to bed early. We need to rest, with all the news updates you will come across it's important to get some rest.

Limit screen time. Especially before bed and at meal times.

Bedtime chats. Avoid talking about any worries before bedtime with your children or partner. Try reading or meditation.

Eat well. Low blood sugar levels can really affect mood changes and anxiety so try and keep a well balanced diet. Avoid too much sugar and alcohol as they can make your anxiety worse. Although I know I always go straight for the chocolate when I feel down.

Get outside. If you are able to go for walk or even if its just in the garden, daily exercise for your little ones is so important. It really aids sleep too.

Accept help. If a family member wants to take the children out or give you a break, let them. The saying really is true 'It takes a village to raise a child'

Treat yourself. Simple things like retail therapy can keep your spirits high, or if money is a worry, make a 'buy later' list so you have something to look forward to.

Exercise. A simple thing like taking a walk can help clear anxiety or stress. It releases endorphins which help improve your mood. If you are stuck indoors or money is tight, there are lots of online exercise videos to watch. Have realistic expectations. Try not to put pressure on yourself, you can only do so much during these testing times. If the little ones routine doesn't quite go to plan today, please don't worry. Enjoy the routine break.

Keep a diary. Writing down all your fears and worries can really help release any inner rage or sadness, it really helps to clear the mind. Focus on the positive. Be kind to yourself and do not overcommit. Family and friends will understand. It is always important to try and talk to someone, even while you are trying out any of these self help strategies. If it all feels a bit too much then I really encourage you to speak to your GP, health visitor or one of the amazing organisations listed below -

Mind 020 8519 2122 Anxiety UK 03444 775 774 Sending you all lots of positivity xxx Find out more about Sleep by Alexandra Sleep by Alexandra helps your family sleep better so you can enjoy more time together. Alexandra Collingbourne is a sleep consultant specialising in safe, holistic methods of getting your baby, toddler or young child to sleep in a way that empowers parents to live better, happier and with more energy. Specialist postnatal depression & anxiety support is also available for those who need it. ● View baby and toddler sleep services from Sleep by Alexandra here ● Get in touch here ● Subscribe to newsletter here

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