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Separation Anxiety -Ways to help your little one

Separation anxiety tends to come on during the 8-10 month sleep regression phase, and is characterised by clingy behaviour and crying when you’re not in the room. Separation anxiety is caused by your toddler becoming more aware of the world and how dependent they are on you for their care. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it shows you clearly have a great bond with your child, however it can be a struggle for parents.

⭐ Playing the peekaboo game can be a nice gentle way to show your baby you are coming back

⭐ Try not to prolong goodbyes, make them quick and happy so your toddler doesn’t pick up on any sad emotion you may be feeling

⭐ Independent play helps encourage them to be more curious which can help

Most importantly, let your toddler become comfortable at their own pace, do not rush them. Otherwise it can get more severe and could cause long term anxiety.

Once you've done those checks and you still feel there is an issue, fill out my Free Sleep Assessment Form and lets see if we can get to the root issue together.

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