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Spring Forward: How to manage the spring clock change

Are you wondering how to manage your little ones' sleep when the clocks change?

The clocks go forward this weekend, meaning we lose an hour and for parents of early risers this clock change can be helpful. However, if you are a parent who struggles with bedtime this can only add to your challenge.

To help this transition you can try by gradually adjusting their routine and be sure to change every part of their routine - meal times, nap times etc.

Here’s a few ways to help your little ones adjust.

1. Start by putting your baby/child to bed a little earlier the night before by 30mins.

2. The quicker you aim for their usual bed and nap time, the sooner they will be back to their normal sleep routine. If your little one is use to a regular schedule, start a few days in advance and gradually push the timings forward by 15mins every few days.

3. Do this for a few days to help your little one adjust and help keep your little one on track.

You can also do nothing! Let baby adjust naturally like we all do and see how it goes.

Making sure your little one gets lots of fresh air, natural light and exercise to help their body clock adjust to the changes is sometimes all you need.

Remember - with this clock change, it can also be an opportunity to help families with an early riser.

Good Luck!

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