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Nap Transitions - How to manage through those tricky transitions

So you have your baby in a great routine, they are sleeping well and then, all of a sudden, they aren’t and you don’t know why??

Don’t panic! It may simply be time to drop a nap.

Here are a few signs to look out for that your little one needs to drop a nap:

💤Early Waking

💤Refusing Naps

💤They takes a long time to settle for nap, anything more than 10 minutes

💤One of the naps becomes shorter

💤If baby doesn’t seem at all tired before their nap

If you’ve said yes to one or more of these points, it could be time to drop a nap.

Are you going through a nap transition? Which nap is baby dropping? Morning? Afternoon?

Different children need different amounts of sleep. Getting those crucial naps in place, can really help encourage better night time sleep.

Here is a handy nap guide -

(nap duration & number of naps)

💙Newborn-6 weeks - 15mins-4hours with between 4/8 naps a day

💚6 weeks-3 months - 30mins-2 hours with between 3/5 naps a day

💛3 months-6 months - 30mins-2 hours with between 3/4 naps a day

🧡6 months-9 months - 1-3 hours with 3 naps a day

💜9 months-12 months - 1-2 hours with 2 naps a day

❤️12 months-18 months - 1-2 hours with 1/2 naps a day

1.5-2 years - 1-2 hours with 1 nap a day

✨Naps tend to drop typically between 2.5-3 years old✨

3-4 years - 30mins a day (if needed)

(please remember every child is different, these are simply averages)

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